"Wrong Memories”

Author: Tomasz Sokolowski

Translated by J. Szajkowska, P. Szajkowski


So many visions in her head

Dreams that are highly dangerous

So many thoughts to be removed

So many memories to kill


Rubber hands that hold this scalpel

Cutting through her moments deeply

Mother Father Dog The Neighbour

All of them gone – Put aside




House with attic and a small well

Pallid-faced doll Pickaxe Brick

White flakes falling down to ground

Trace of feet – the path I’ve run


Night so starry

Solitude and Shadows

Winter sale

On shelves -- rocks lie fallow

Empty door

And here he is Standing

Don't let him!

Don't let him!

Don't let him Come Near!


Childhood memories on photographs are hidden

Summer at the seaside and snowman in winter


A kennel fruits and a fistful of coins

Some rain in the afternoon Ohh, my head will Explode!

Just leave my thoughts alone Don't touch the memories!


The blade flashed and butcher's eyes sparkled with glee





All rights to lyrics, music, pictures and engravings are reserved. You are not allowed to use these materials without the authors' permission. Copyright by Tomasz Sokolowski.

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