"Two Stars of Snow”

Author: Tomasz Sokolowski

Translated by J. Szajkowska, P. Szajkowski


on burnt-down ground

words leave no marks

green trees do not grow

even oblivion is gone


dead bird's falling from the sky

as a sad tear dripping down

on burnt-down ground

only They are crawling nowhere


like snow killed by water

He still tries to revive, but fails

She won't let him

hundreds of words

that for ages destroy hands

at least constantly burn with these cold flames


words won't remind anybody

about Mother Earth


there is no sun

there are no trees

He's forgotten

so has She

of dreams unfulfilled

of all their desires

of Hallucinations

out of tiredness

words do not matter

promises are broken

the eyes see no more

lips spread only lies

they dreamt of the stars but

ended with nothing

so they live in snow

murdered with water


two stars of snow

murdered with water

All rights to lyrics, music, pictures and engravings are reserved. You are not allowed to use these materials without the authors' permission. Copyright by Tomasz Sokolowski.

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