Author: Tomasz Sokolowski

Translated by J. Szajkowska, P. Szajkowski


And there he is again in my head

whispering these strange words constantly

at last he states where and when

what will happen

who will fall

on the ground

as the last

day passes by...


Mirror reflects just destruction

Windows frame imprisoned faces looking here

My hands ache

And there's madness in my eyes


Oh, yes!

It's only time

It's only I




In cold rain, through solid concrete, onward, without resting

Through thick night

Through cables and wastes, through shopping displays, underground passages

some puddles, bus stops, clockwork marshes


seconds just passing by


'Hurry, hurry', says the voice

'Don't look back, don't look into the future'

'Faster, you're almost there'

'Trust me...'



Here's the edge but there comes order to move forward

'Don't think of it!', it screams

And I see a dark room

And eyes

Her pale face


It's only time

It's only I

All rights to lyrics, music, pictures and engravings are reserved. You are not allowed to use these materials without the authors' permission. Copyright by Tomasz Sokolowski.

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