"In Mr Hein's World"

Author: Tomasz Sokolowski

Translated by P. Szajkowski


In the house without a view

It's so white

I'm hanging on the wall

    Don't you dare to touch my walls


Foundry replaced

With funfair

Flowers that smell of plastic

Burn happily


Clear air polluted

With love and passion

Unconventional actions

Still are free

At the cost of



    We need to catch them and kill!


Mr Hein

How could he write such things?!


    Evil man!


    Evil man!

Unconventional one


We should burn his words

And destroy the ashes


    Evil man


We should hang people like him!

We should hang people that think like him

    Evil man


    Evil man


All rights to lyrics, music, pictures and engravings are reserved. You are not allowed to use these materials without the authors' permission. Copyright by Tomasz Sokolowski.

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