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added VI 2011

Two reviews of the "Czas" album.

The first one, from the undisputed expert of the genre Mick Mercer: Review.

The second, from the German Static Magazine: Review.

added IX 2011

Check out ”Pytania” (“Questions”) remix video.

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added X 2011

We invite you to download the single "Pytania" (“Questions”). The material released on 14.10.2011 contains the song "Pytania" in two versions and "Kwiat ciszy we mgle" in new oldschool remix.


added I 2011

Hyoscyamus niger on the "Shasow Places" compilation album.

For more info:


added X 2012

Hyoscyamus niger in Bolków again. The band will perform at Castle Party 2013.

Details at Facebook and

added X 2012

Hyoscyamus niger featured on Sampler 04.

The CD is available for purchasing or downloading for free at Halotan Rec homepage.