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All rights to lyrics, music, pictures and engravings are reserved. You are not allowed to use these materials without the authors' permission. Copyright by Tomasz Sokolowski.

The project called "Sny Michala"("Michael's Dreams") was founded by Tomasz Sokolowski. Marek Jarmulowicz became a second member of "Sny Michala".

The band performed during "Wieczor Otwartych szuflad" ("The Evening of Open Drawers"). The event took place in "Klub Skrzydlatych" ("The Club of The Winged").

Malgorzata Dopierala joined the band.

Bartosz Gornik became another member of the band.

The gig of the band during the festival "Garaz 2003" ("Garage 2003") took place. At the same time the name of the group was changed into "Hyoscyamus niger".

The group took its part in the second edition of "Poznan Dark Festival".

Liliana Luborak joined Hyoscyamus niger.

The group performed in a charity concert called "Ofensywa 2004" ("Offensive 2004").

The first demo "DEMO 2004" was brought out (an amateur one).

Hn performed in the third edition of "Poznan Dark Festval".

The group played a concert during "Alternative Dark Party" held in Glogow.

Liliana Luborak (cellist) left the band.

The second amateur demo called "DEMO 2004+" was brought out.

One of the songs from the record "DEMO 2004+" was played during Minimax broadcast in nationwide Polish radio station (The Programme 3rd of Polish Radio).

The band performed during Nationwide Depeche Mode Fans Convention in Firlej club, Wroclaw.

Marek Jarmulowicz left the band.

Remix of the song "W izolacji" was released by Night Room Rec.

The first promo-single CD "Sen" ("Dream") was released.

Malgorzata Dopierala decided to leave the band.

Wieze fabryk together with Hn played in "U Bazyla" club, Poznan.

Bass player Bartosz Koprowski and guitarist Marek Gwozdz joined the group.

In Legnickie Centrum Kultury took place a shared concert of three bands: 1984, Hyoscyamus niger and Viafora.

Marek Gwozdz left the band.

The EP"Sen/W swiecie pana Heina" was released.

Hn performed during 'Podwodny Wroclaw' festival.

Hn shared the scene with Devil's Starship and The Proof during Bat-Cave.pl Tour in 'Strefa Zero' (Wroclaw).

A show given by Hyoscyamus niger and All Sound Allowed took place in "Liverpool" music club (Wroclaw) .

Hn and INTERZONE played together in 'No Mercy' club (Warsaw).

Hn took part in PODWODNY WROCŁAW 2009 festival.

Hn played a concert during MOONFOG Festival that took place in Nysa.

The Proof and Hn performed during "1000 Corpses Night vol.2" in Bydgoszcz.

Hn played a shared concert with Jesus Rodriguez band in Wagon (Wroclaw).

Hn played a concert during GOTHIC.PL Festival 2010.

The single "Biuro mysli znalezionych" was released.

First album of the band named "Czas" was released.

Hn performed during Return To The Batcave: Drop Dead Festival Warm-Up Party.

Bartosz Gornik was dismissed from the band.

Concert in Kalisz: Closterkeller + Hyoscyamus niger.

Concert in Wroclaw: XIII. Stoleti + Hyoscyamus niger.

Concert in Legnica: Closterkeller + Hyoscyamus niger.

The band releases an EP, "Dwie gwiazdki sniegu".

Marta Zaplotna and Krzysztof Drozd are officially joining the band.

Concert in Jelenia Gora: Noblesse Oblige + Hyoscyamus niger.

Concert in Poznan: Closterkeller + Hyoscyamus niger.

Concert in Wroclaw: Closterkeller + Hyoscyamus niger.

Hyoscyamus niger performed during Moonfog Festival 2012.



Hyoscyamus niger:

Tomasz Sokolowski - vocal, programming

Bartosz Koprowski - bass

Marta Zaplotna - Keyboards

Krzysztof Drozd - electric guitar

The most important events.

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